Road trip food

I grew up with a grandmother who would cook breakfast for my friends and me when we were passing through Michigan AND she would give us a bag of the best egg salad sandwiches on delicious whole wheat bread for the rest of our road trip. My niece Jenna is leaving today for a solo two day drive with her dog, Juniper to join her husband in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. I was thrilled when Jenna said she would love a sandwich! Here’s what I have packed for her 2 day road trip!

2 turkey, swiss, avocado and roasted red pepper sandwiches on Rudi’s 14 grain bread

small bag of Boulder potato chips

Assorted cheeses, cubed

Fuji apple, sliced

A cup of spicy trail mix

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Lake Champlain caramel and peanut gold bars

Chocolove Bar with salted almonds

Small jar of white wine for arrival

Treats for Juniper, the dog!

You must love to wash dishes to be a good cook

I have been cooking a lot lately and one of my favorite memories is when my niece, Rachael, had her first dinner party. She and her husband live in an apartment in Boston with a tiny kitchen. That did not stop them from making a very ambitious meal- butternut squash soup,no knead bread, sauteed mushrooms, spinach salad (?) and more.  I love this picture of the kitchen-there were stacks of dishes and food piled everywhere!

You have to clean up as you go along when you cook or things can get out of hand. I remember my first cooking job in a restaurant kitchen and the chef kept asking me if “my mother was going to show up”? I couldn’t figure out what he was asking but he was teasing me that my area was a mess and was I waiting for my mother to come clean it up!

It takes a lot of work to cook as there are zillions of pots and pans that are involved. Cleaning up after a dinner party can be a disaster but it seems people are always willing to help. I organize my thanksgiving menu by how much I can handle to cook and clean up in one day or one morning and then pace my prepping and cooking accordingly. No matter what, there is always a ton of dishes at the end of that meal! Speaking of which, I just noticed I haven’t cleaned up from my previous post on Custard!

The freezer is your friend

My niece Rachael wanted me to write about the foods I freeze. I freeze many things-soups, portions of casseroles, sauces like bolognese, meats-like leftover pulled pork or brisket, cookies, croutons, and many more items! I try to freeze everything as I make large amounts of soups and I need to freeze to keep it. Actually many times, my freezer is too full and I pull quarts of soups out for my medical student nephew and his wife.