Cocktail Party menu

This was our menu for the night before Thanksgiving which is always festive night!
Crudités with Ranch Dip
Spiced Pecans
Chicken Liver Pate with crostini
Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel with Herbed cream cheese
Cheese and Charcuterie Board with Olives and Crackers
Caviar from Costco and Blinis from Whole Foods
Shrimp Bisque in demitasse cups
Lemon Shortbread
Cocktail party
I think this was a perfect menu. I usually would make blinis but a friend had told me how good the ones at Whole Foods are and they were, albeit a little pricey. The Costco caviar (this was malossol from Plaza Royale and was delicious and the Bulgarian that is on sale now is outrageous!) The spiced pecans, shrimp bisque and lemon shortbread are all on this blog. It is fun to go to the market and choose a few cheeses and meats and have them cubed or cut up-olives, nuts and dried fruits are a great addition to a meat and cheese board.

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