Road trip food

I grew up with a grandmother who would cook breakfast for my friends and me when we were passing through Michigan AND she would give us a bag of the best egg salad sandwiches on delicious whole wheat bread for the rest of our road trip. My niece Jenna is leaving today for a solo two day drive with her dog, Juniper to join her husband in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. I was thrilled when Jenna said she would love a sandwich! Here’s what I have packed for her 2 day road trip!

2 turkey, swiss, avocado and roasted red pepper sandwiches on Rudi’s 14 grain bread

small bag of Boulder potato chips

Assorted cheeses, cubed

Fuji apple, sliced

A cup of spicy trail mix

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Lake Champlain caramel and peanut gold bars

Chocolove Bar with salted almonds

Small jar of white wine for arrival

Treats for Juniper, the dog!


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