You must love to wash dishes to be a good cook

I have been cooking a lot lately and one of my favorite memories is when my niece, Rachael, had her first dinner party. She and her husband live in an apartment in Boston with a tiny kitchen. That did not stop them from making a very ambitious meal- butternut squash soup,no knead bread, sauteed mushrooms, spinach salad (?) and more.  I love this picture of the kitchen-there were stacks of dishes and food piled everywhere!

You have to clean up as you go along when you cook or things can get out of hand. I remember my first cooking job in a restaurant kitchen and the chef kept asking me if “my mother was going to show up”? I couldn’t figure out what he was asking but he was teasing me that my area was a mess and was I waiting for my mother to come clean it up!

It takes a lot of work to cook as there are zillions of pots and pans that are involved. Cleaning up after a dinner party can be a disaster but it seems people are always willing to help. I organize my thanksgiving menu by how much I can handle to cook and clean up in one day or one morning and then pace my prepping and cooking accordingly. No matter what, there is always a ton of dishes at the end of that meal! Speaking of which, I just noticed I haven’t cleaned up from my previous post on Custard!

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